Social Golf Club

All Tomakin Sports and Social Club members are most welcome to join our friendly Social Golf Club where the emphasis is on having fun. We enjoy:

  • Golf competitions
  • Away visits to other South Coast golf courses
  • Club-sponsored breakfasts

Visitors and juniors may also participate as non-members.

Golf competitions are held every Sunday, with tee off between 7:30am and 8:00am.

Our home golf course is the Oaks Ranch, close to Tomakin and South of Batemans Bay. We also visit Moruya Golf Course and Catalina Country Club on a monthly rotation.

We also play other golf courses up and down the South Coast, with an annual overnight trip to Bega.

The current Calendar (see below) includes The Captains vs Presidents challenge, the Captains Matchplay and Annual Club Championship.

Playing members may also take advantage of a complimentary breakfast at the Oaks Ranch on a bi-monthly basis.

Social Golf Club shirts are also available at subsided rates starting at $40.

To find out more please contact:
President: Craig Richards 0417 654 843
Secretary: Lynne Barber 4471 5660

Memberships can be arranged by the Tomakin Sports & Social Club reception staff.

Tomakin Golf Club Batemans Bay


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