Tomakin Club Membership

Join Tomakin Club and spend $20 for your chance win up to $15,000 Cash!

Tomakin Club offers two membership levels – social membership and full membership. See below for benefits and membership fees:

Full Membership

Period Fee
1 year $11
3 years $25
5 years $40

Receive these benefits:

  • Accumulate Loyalty Points
  • Participate in member exclusive promotions
  • Receive discounts on food and beverage purchases
  • Sign or propose another person into the club
  • Join an internal club, ie bowling, fishing, tennis, darts and golf
  • Receive a discount on tennis court hire
  • Vote at the AGM
  • Receive birthday treats
  • You can apply to become a board member after being a full member for one year

Social Membership

If you’re over the age of 60 years or live more than 15km away you can join as a Social Member.

Period Fee
1 year $5.50
3 years $15
5 years $25

Receive these benefits

  • Receive discounts on Food & Beverage purchases
  • Participation in member promotions
  • Accumulate Loyalty Points

Join at reception – it only takes a couple of minutes and you receive your membership benefits right away!