Tomakin Rewards

Tomakin Rewards Loyalty Program is our way of saying thank you to you as loyal members of Tomakin Sports & Social Club by being able to turn your visits to the club in to real rewards.

The more you use your card, the more Tomakin Reward Points you earn and the quicker you progress up the tier levels to gain extra benefits and rewards!  Best of all, entry to the program is FREE with your Club Memberhip

Each time you visit your Club, simply present your membership card at any bar, restaurant, cafe and at reception when you make a purchase to earn Tomakin Reward Points.

You are placed in a tier based on the number of Tomakin Rewards Points earned.  Spending your Reward Points will not drop you down in tier levels.  You can spend your points at the Club Bars, Restaurant, Cafe, Raffle & Show tickets or Eftpos Vouchers.


The more points earned, the more benefits you gain.

At the beginning of each month any eligible members will be promoted and move up a tier.  Every March and September, members who have not earned enough points to stay in their current tier will be moved into a new tier level.

To find out your tier status, simply swipe your membership card at the rewards kiosk or ask our friendly staff for more information about the Tomakin Rewards Loyalty Program.



Bonus Points don’t count towards your Tier Level.  These points are for you to enjoy.  You can earn Bonus Points when swiping at the Members Rewards Kiosk, earn Bonus Points during the month of your birthday and earn Bonus Points through selected draws and promotions.

All points will expire on the 30th June each year, with the exception of the Platinum Members.

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