Tomakin Mens Bowling Club

Men Social Bowling Tomakin Batemans BayMENS SOCIAL BOWLING CLUB

Mondays :  21 ends  mufti pairs

Nominated pairs every second Monday.

Thursdays:  21 ends mufti triples

Nominated triples on the last Thursday of each month.



Nominations close at 11am on bowls days.
Cards are called at 12.15pm for a 12.30pm start


Come along and enjoy our friendly atmosphere and genuine hospitality.

Visitors are requested to provide contact phone numbers when nominating to play. Game nomination sheets are displayed on the Mens Bowls notice board in the Sports Bar.


Mens Bowling Club Contact Numbers –

Bowls Office (02)  4474 7018
Bowls Coordinator – Steve Hall 0432 745 735
President – Gary Chapman 0413 143 037
Secretary – Ross Hardy 4471 7174

BOWLS RESULTS – 2018 Tomakin Day 4 Carnival

Mixed Triples – Thursday 5th July

Winners:               Steve Gigg – Michael Voce – Margaret Carney
Second Place:      Greg Megee – Bob Brooker – Helena Megee
Third Place:          David Lalor – Gerry Lenahan – Sue Lalor
Best Last Game:  Karen James – Peter Hutchinson – Milka Starkovski

Open Triples – Friday 6th July

Winners:                 Greg Wale – Peter Jeffs – Jason Hossack
Second Place:        Ken Franklin – John Booth – Steve Hogan
Third Place:           Ron Beeley – Barry Thurlow – Murray O’Brien
Best Last Game:   Ross Kidson – Jim Hodder – Heather Hodder

Mens Pairs – Saturday 7th July

Winners:                  Doug Ebsworth – Tony Giannasca
Second Place:         Brett Neville – Matthew Morton
Third Place:             Reion James – Nick Tiyce
Best Last Game:    Tony Melrose – Bob Brown

Mixed Fours – Sunday 8th July

Winners:                Greg Megee – Helena Megee – Bob Brooker – Di Mooy
Second Place:       Henry Butler – Bob Brown – Ingrid Blasius – Julie Lewis
Third Place:           Jennie Hogan – Steve Hogan – Barney Dunn – Janette Dunn
Best Last Game:   Des Blyss – Patricia Bill – Brian Bacon – Donna Bacon



Monday 22nd April 2019  (Easter Monday)
Tomakin Open Lightning Pairs Tournament